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What is the Difference Between Commercial and Domestic Plumbing?

SmartCorp Plumbing is a company that is fully in tune with the needs of local property owners and the specialist plumbing solutions they need on an ongoing basis. That’s why we’re a full-service domestic and commercial plumber on the Gold Coast. Their both specialists in their category of property expertise but they work in two different environments. Commercial plumbers work on commercial premises like schooling plumbing systems and bars/pubs. Their work is to maintain, repair and install much larger and more complex plumbing systems than a domestically trained plumber. Domestic plumbers are proficient in working on the plumbing in homes and residential premises. We’ll explore this and much more below…

What is the difference between commercial and domestic plumbing?

There are differences but also some similarities in what commercial and domestic plumbers do on a daily basis. In fact, they usually deal with the same typical faults across the board. They would both have to install and repair hot water systems or carry out regular plumbing maintenance. Commercial plumbers and domestic plumbers usually carry out the same work but the former will work on much larger systems and developments. They would also have to work on complex systems with large water supply, water pressure, and repair response. 

Main differences between commercial and domestic plumbers

  • The size and complexity of the systems

Commercial plumbing systems are larger and therefore require systems with more pipework, more fixtures and more demanding water supply needs. These types of plumbing systems also have to sustain a lot more demand and usage than a residential plumbing system. Households usually only have two to three floors that require pipe work, toilets, and sinks. Comparing that to a multi-storey office building already shows the differences required. Plumbing for hotels and other entertainment grounds is even more complicated than multi-storey offices. Commercial plumbers have to be experienced in coping with this level of high demand regarding the systems. 

  • Plumbing system design

Domestic plumbers are experienced in designing domestic plumbing systems that include all the necessary faucets and the pipework needed to keep them running. Commercial plumbers do the same for commercial systems. Commercial plumbers just have a lot more to deal with including fire suppression systems, toilets, sinks, showers, kitchen waste systems, sprinklers and much more. Plumbing system design is different for residential premises because they have fewer installation requirements. 

  • Typical repairs and the scale of damage

Domestic plumbers are trained to install, maintain and repair home plumbing systems. That means they typically fix leaking taps and unclog your drains. Plumbing faults on commercial premises can be much more complicated in size and potential damage. It’s not likely that hair build-up causes clogs here as it would be at households, it is more likely that foreign objects end up in commercial property drains. 

Here at SmartCorp Plumbing, we provide our expert plumbing services to both domestic and commercial customers. We also have a range of specialist services at your disposal. Not just for commercial and residential settings, but also our body corporate partners on the Gold Coast.

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