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Bars and clubs have hundreds of people visiting them each week and they can’t function without proper plumbing. Sometimes, the plumbing can be damaged due to external factors or lack of regular maintenance.

SmartCorp Plumbing has a team of licensed experts very familiar with plumbing requirements for facilities such as these and can help you in establishing and maintaining solid, sturdy equipment and qualified pipe work. This will help to strengthen your system for those peak time rushes, where your plumbing is expected to withstand much higher usage. Sturdy and reliable plumbing systems on the premises depend on three things: top-quality materials, usage conditions on-site, and regular maintenance and upkeep. 

Typical Bar/Club Plumbing Services on the Gold Coast

Bars and clubs are also places where commercial kitchens or food and beverage production areas are prevalent. Property owners will know that they need more water than other typical plumbing on commercial properties without them. This helps to keep the dishwasher and other kitchen tools working as they should, and the drains need to stay in good working order at all times. This may require that you set up an ongoing schedule with us because you have much more demanding clients to keep up with. Hospitality and entertainment properties risk losing customers if the basins don’t have adequate water supply, or if the toilet doesn’t flush properly. So, we have to work our hardest to avoid that and regular maintenance is exactly what is required. Some of the activities we’ll carry out include:

  • Using CCTV cameras to inspect for possible leaks and faults
  • Unclog blocked toilets and drains
  • Fix faulty parts and tighten leaking fixtures
  • Plumbing installations and upkeep to prevent breakdown, damage, and clogs

How Often Should I Clean my Property’s Drains?

Most bar and club owners know that they need frequent maintenance plumbing on the Gold Coast, but they don’t know what is enough. It depends on the nature of the commercial property and your business. The generally accepted approach is to plan for a monthly cleaning schedule. This may be more frequently for bars and clubs that also handle solid food waste and grease which is more likely to get washed down the drains.

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At SmartCorp Plumbing, everything starts with the service we know that our customers love and consistently rely on. Our core goal is to deliver client-centric plumbing work that provides solutions, pricing and ongoing support that is perfectly suited to you – as an individual. Our residential, commercial or body corporate offering for you will be designed only for you. Every member of the team is friendly, neat, and extremely knowledgeable & this is how we build long-lasting bonds. 

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