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Hot Water System Maintenance Before Winter

Many Australian households rely on efficient hot water systems in the colder months like they would other aspects of their home to keep them warm and snug. You’ll probably stock up on hot chocolate, blankets and warmer clothing for these months when the sun is less golden on the Gold Coast. So, why wouldn’t you invest in preventative plumbing maintenance for your water heating system? You’re most likely to forget about your heating unit because it is tucked away and left unseen with the expectation that they will give us hot showers and baths reliably in the coming months. You are likely to put the system under more pressure in colder climates and this may cause system faults that no one wants to deal with. We’ve put together a few key tips you can refer back to for keeping your water warm without a hitch.

Why hot water systems are likely to experience faults during colder weather?

Your hot water system will get used more often in the colder months and, therefore, endure more wear and tear. During the warmer months, the unit will work away at producing hot water and accommodate it as it is generated and pushed outward. When it is colder, the environment temperature drops by several degrees, and this makes the cold water coming into the tank even colder than it usually would be. This means that your hot water system has to work towards heating it as quickly as possible. The issue begins with the increased temperature difference between the cold and hot water during cooler months because it requires a more pressurised operation. This can result in a number of natural operational fatigue signs and make your system more vulnerable to malfunctioning if proper maintenance is not addressed in time.

Hot water system maintenance considerations

There is no guaranteed way to make sure that your hot water system won’t experience faults, but these are some measures to ensure the tank and all its components are in tip-top working order.

  1. Professional maintenance

Regular servicing is an overlooked feature in maintaining the health of your plumbing. This is a trend across the country, and it is one we are actively trying to address. Homeowners and commercial property managers are already ignoring leaky toilets and tap interventions, never mind the need for regular maintenance. You should have your hot water system serviced regularly by qualified plumbers, such as our expert team at SmartCorp Plumbing. The frequency will vary based on usage and property categorization, but we can help with it all.

  1. Follow through with faults/repairs

You wouldn’t wait to call a clogged drain expert if you notice that your shower isn’t draining as fast as it usually does. So, why wait when the water isn’t as hot as it should be. The last, and most important tip is to have a professional come in to deal with any necessary repairs that you need. Dealing with repairs straight away helps to avoid the need for full replacements.

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